The American National Standard Institute/ Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification Standard 520 is the Industry Standard/ Guide for Professional Mold Remediation. All mold remediation/ mold removal companies should be certified and follow this standard.

How long does it take to remediate mold?

A majority of mold remediation/ mold removal jobs are a minimum of 3 days; more complicated projects may take longer. 

Do I need a professional?

Not always. A professional has specialty knowledge and equipment to make the job go smoothly.  If you or a loved one have health issues it may be best to let the pros handle it.  Think of it like changing the oil in your car. sure you can do it yourself but having a professional take care of it let's you focus on other things. Not many people have the free time between work, family, and family activities to work on a detailed project like mold remediation. I always recommend asking for the correct steps and advice before proceeding with any type of mold removal. Call 40-627-7729 information is always free. Oklahoma City, Lawton & Tulsa Areas.

What is the toughest part of remediation?

The toughest part of a mold removal/ mold remediation project is the pre cleaning and final cleaning stages are the toughest. The IICRC S520 requires that all surfaces of the containment area be HEPA vacuumed. This process uses a HEPA rated vacuum and the hand brush attachment to vacuum the ceiling, walls, and floors. In addition it is a slow process requiring 3 square feet per minute. After the final cleaning stage a clearance inspection is performed to verify the area has be cleaned properly. Most times the entire containment area is vacuumed 3-4 times. A project is NOT complete until it has passed a clearance air test.

Engineering controls are the key.

Controlling the air flow is key.  This is the most important step in any mold removal/ mold remediation project. Containing the affected area and using and air scrubber/ negative air machine to control the mold spores and dust.  During the tear out stage the mold is disturbed sending spores everywhere. This device helps to keep dust levels down and prevents the mold from spreading beyond the containment.

Other Questions?

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